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SSC CGL 2012 July Tier 1 Exam - Questions and Answer key

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In this post I'm providing the complete questions asked in SSC Combine graduate level  Exam (Tier 1) on July Afternoon session and  their  complete solution. All the questions and solution were collected from memory and with help of some friends.

1. Which  is NOT a correct statement?
(a) Phenols are acidic.
(b) in Benzene all atoms lie in ONE plane.
(c) Methylated spirit contains only Methanol.
(d)Dilute solutions contains less amount of solute.

Ans: C

2. The infective stage of Malaria is?
Ans: Sporozoite.

3. The treaty of Verailles restores Alsace - Lorraine to:
Ans: France.

4.The Asokan Edicts were deciphered first by:
Ans: James Prinsep

5.  Photosynthetic vesicles found in Bacterium is called ?
Ans: Chromatophore

6. What type of mirror is used in a view finding mirror of a vehicle?
Ans:  Convex Mirror

7. What is m - commerce?

Ans:  Mobile Commerce

8. Who said that the directive principles of state Policy are just like " a chequeue on bank payable at the convenience of bank"?
K. T . Shah

9. Who favoured the Arctic Home Theory of the Aryans?
Ans: B. G. Tilak

10. A plant known only in cultivation having arisen under domestication is called?
Ans: Cultigen

11. Pyroligneous acid obtained from wood contains:?
Ans: 10% Acetic acid.

12. Union Carbide India Ltd. manufactured essentially:

Ans:  Petrochemicals.

13. The iron and steel plant in Bihar is at?
Ans:  Bokaro

14. Who was the teacher of Gauthama Buddha?

Ans:  Alara Kalama

15. The 34th National Games were held in 2011 in?
Ans:  Jharkhand

16. Ram Sharan Sharma , who died in 2011 was an eminent:
Ans:  Indologist

17Which bank was the first to introduce ATMs to the world?
Citi Bank

18 . tohra is sacred book of

19. 98 th science congress was held in 2011 at?

20. The red, orange and yellow colours of leaves are due to?

21.The state which has registered the highest population growth rae according to 2001 census is?

Uttar pradesh

22. In which direction Earth's magnetic field extend?
North to South

23.Which economist is known as the "Master of partial analysis"?
Alfred Marshall

24. The most densely populated state in India is?
(A) Kerala
(B) Uttar Pradesh
(C)West Bengal
(D)Tamil Nadu

Ans: B

25. The ultimate source of energy in a hydro electric power station is?
Ans: the potential energy of water.

26. Which colour of light has the highest velocity through  vacuum?
(A) Blue
(B) Red
(C) Green
(D) All of above

Ans: D

27. Mamtha sharma was appointed in 2011 as the chairperson of:
Ans: national Commission for women

28 The biggest planet in the solar system is?
Ans: Jupiter

29. The study of population is known as?
Ans: Demography.

30. The seat of Kerala High Court is located at?
Ans: Ernakulam

31 The prose collection of vedic poems is called
Ans: samhitas

32. the polar bears hold cures for
Ans: Type II Diabetes

33 India making " Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements" (DTAA) with other countries for the promotion of:
Ans:  Bilateral Trade

34. Human development index was formulated by?

35. Which of the following pairs is correctly matched?
Ans  :  Salt petre - potassium nitrate

36. author of pakistan : beyond the crisis state is ?

Ans : Maleeha Lodhi

37. Low cost housing is an example for:
Ans Social wants

38 Who was the first speaker of Lok sabha?
Ans: G V Mavlankar

39. Peninsular India has the following zonal soil types:
Ans: Red and Yellow soil

40. Brain drain  has been caused by?
Ans: Lack of employment opportunities.

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baki 3 set ki bhi dal do yr

PLZ TELL me ans for this:- 6 : 2 :: 8 : ?

Key says .. 6 : 2 :: 8 : ?
is 3

half of the number -1