Thursday, September 1

HOW TO INSTALL MATLAB in Windows 7 ???

MatLab is a software by which  you can write nice little programs  and produce pretty pictures and graphs!! It has already inbult functions based on C,C++ and Java etc. We can directly use them or we can develop our own. This language contain programming, graphical used interface, simulink and Animations,coming to electronics ...u have signal procesing, image processing, communications and other related topics directly in the MATLAB.

            In this post, let us have a look on how to install MatLab in Windows 7 !!

 Installation of Matlab requires two sections, one activation with License code and next activation with .dat file. The complete steps are as follows:
  1. Find  the SETUP file.( Usually inside matlab --> win32). 

2. Double click setup.exe

3.Generally two options will be provided:
                  - Install automatically using the internet.
                  - Install manually without using the internet.

4. Select to install manually without the Internet.

5. On clicking " Next " button, the installer will prompt you to enter the License key.

6.Enter the License key provided within the crack  ( .txt file)

7.Click "Next" --> Choose "Typical installation".

8. Installation begins.(usually it will take 10-15 minutes).

9. After this installation, some activation is needed.(This step makes little confusion for many people that reinstallaion being occuring here. Actually this time installer demands a .dat file for activation).

10. Select "continue"--> "Activate manually without the Internet".

11. installer will prompt you to enter the License file.

12. Click 'Browse' and provide path to the License file.

13. Usually it is available inside the folder "Crack" in the DVD).

14. Choosing the License File:: Users who gave the Key for 'standalone version' may use the file 'Lic_StandAlone.dat' and those gave the key for 'server edition' may give the License file 'Lic_server.dat'.

15. On selecting License file, installation get completed .


 Still have doubt about Matlab installation???  Click here for more details...



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